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and directing feature films such as 2009's critically acclaimed "city island." but he also has a passion for preserving documentaries. particularly his father's. >> the loss of documentary film if it's not preserved is the most, you know, is the saddest loss because it's history. how do you preserve these? in the case of my dad's films, i thought we had the only copies of them. i was determined they had to be preserved. first i donated them to the museum of broadcasting. >> but ray didn't feel that was enough. he wanted his father's work to be seen and appreciated by new audiences. so he posted the mississippi film on his blog where anyone could watch it. >> and almost instantly, my producing partner david zelerford said this is an extraordinary movie and who is this guy, booker wright? >> sitting in his office, he said he immediately saw a potential for a new film. one that would finish booker's story. >> he mentions his children in the film, and i said to raymond, i said we have to go find out what happened with booker and his children. >> we started doing research on who booker really
. >> so dinner went on without nelson and annalisa. >> driving home from the city that night, i said we should stop by the condo to see her, and for some reason we didn't. >> what christine and her friends could not have known was that someone else had gone to the condo earlier in the day. >> hello? a guy is -- attacked my neighbor. >> you think someone attacked your neighbor? >> a 911 call had sent police rushing to anna lisa's home just after noon. tom mcginty would lead the investigation with greg holt. >> what did you find? >> the door ajar. you saw the female victim lying on her back and the scene of a violent struggle. >> reporter: it was annalesiona. she had been beaten and stabbed repeatedly, right in the middle of the day. >> there were plants overturned, dirt on the floor, very bloody scene. >> did it look like she had struggled? >> very much so. fought for her life. >> reporter: there was no sign of forced entry. the investigators figured annalisa had opened the door to her killer. was it someone she knew? >> and who was on the short list of potential suspects here? >> you al
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)